Programs We Offer

We serve as the pathfinders of African ethnic groups in the US and throughout the world towards spiritual growth and development.

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Health and Medical Program

ARF provides health and medical information that disrupt the growth of
development in Africa.

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Refugees & Immigration Programs

ARF provides training and assistance to Christian refugees and immigrants of the United States.

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Our programs focus on evangelism, discipleship, education, literacy, missionaries, and more.

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African Revival Fellowship African Impact

African Revival Fellowship (ARF) est une organisation chrétienne à but non lucratif 501 (c3) en Caroline du Nord, opérant en Afrique sous le nom “African Impact”. ARF est organisée comme une organisation d’évangélisation dont l’objectif principal est de guider les groupes ethniques africains aux États-Unis et dans le monde vers la connaissance du Christ et le renforcement de leur foi en lui. Nous nous engageons à mobiliser la diaspora africaine pour la moisson spirituelle à travers des œuvres de compassion et de grâce.

How You Can Take Action

You can help us achieve our mission and vision by sharing your blessings and utilizing your gifts to help others lead a Christ-centered life.

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You can give monthly financial donations, in-kind donations, and crypto donations to help us in our endeavors.

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Be a Volunteer

Do you feel the call of God to volunteer in our organization? Heed to this call and be one of our volunteers today!

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Sponsor a Child

Be the bearer of hope and light to underprivileged African children in the US and around the world.

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