kids playing seesaw

After School Program — Africa

Our After-School Program is a safe alternative to engage children after school. Embodying the mission and vision of mobilizing the African Diaspora, we have created a Christ-centered program and curriculum that encompasses a broad range of focus areas, including:

  • Academic Support
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Development
  • Arts
  • Sports & Recreation

Diaspora Kids Summer Camp — USA

Diaspora Kids camp is a four-day event for children between the ages of 5 and 17. During this time, our young people engage in African-rooted enrichment activities while learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Past camps have been held in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dallas, Texas, and Moline, Illinois. Our next camp is scheduled for 2019 and will take place in Columbus, Ohio.

The Journey — Kids Bible Study, USA

Nothing excites us more than creating young disciples for Christ. The Journey Kids Bible Study uses interactive teaching methods to provide children with a wealth of Biblical knowledge.

The children involved will develop a relationship with Christ independent of their parents. Upon completion of each Bible study, they leave with a passion for Christ and the ability to quote scriptures and directly apply them to their lives.

Connect with Us

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