He causes the grass to grow for the cattle and vegetation for the labor of man so that He may bring forth food from the earth. —Psalms104:14

Our Agriculture and Livelihood program is available to communities in Africa. 

We provide training to improve agricultural methods by making seeds, tools, and resources available to those in need. The goal is to create farmers and families in remote areas who have enough to grow food and raise animals.

Livestock Program 

Livestock production plays a major role in the economic well-being of households. Through our Agriculture and Livelihood initiative, ARF teaches the community basic food supply methods that lead to additional income, asset saving, and employment.

Farm & Garden Program

Eating organic fruits and vegetables is necessary to improve the health of the people living in Africa. Our food & garden program teaches cost-effective and innovative ways for people to feel connected to the natural world. 

This program provides hands-on experience in cultivating a garden while teaching families stewardship over their food environment.

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