“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. —Jeremiah 30:17
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ARF provides health and medical information that disrupt the growth of development in Africa. All services provided are practical and relevant to the health issues impacting the African communities.

Epidemic Disease Prevention Program

The number of diseases in Africa continues to spread at an alarming rate. Diseases such as malaria and cholera have caused thousands of deaths. Taking control of these infectious diseases is one of our top priorities. As we continue to aggressively address the prevalence of life-altering diseases, ARF serves as a resource for providing prevention methods.

Community Health Program

Our community health program was created to promote, protect, and improve the health of individuals living in Africa. Under this initiative, we are building public and modern toilets throughout vulnerable communities and so much more.

Medical Supplies Program

ARF delivers life-saving medical supplies to practitioners and healthcare providers on the continent. The supplies provided are used to treat and diagnose life-threatening diseases, ultimately benefiting the healthcare industry while saving lives.

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